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From large events like Bayfront Blues Festival to a booming hip-hop scene—dating never sounded so good.When you find the love of your life you want it to last forever and Minneapolitan’s may not be immortal but thier healthy lifestyle means they are the next best thing.So, as your heart flutters with infatuation you can be sure it is also pleased to be pumping from all those romantic strolls through the park and wonderful winter outdoors-y adventures.JAMAJAMA Cardiology JAMA Dermatology JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery JAMA Internal Medicine JAMA Neurology JAMA Oncology JAMA Ophthalmology JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery JAMA Pediatrics JAMA Psychiatry JAMA Surgery Archives of Neurology & Psychiatry (1919-1959) Healthy Habits, Happy Homes Haines J, Mc Donald J, O'Brien A, et al.

It also means that date nights with them are sure to rock.

From this study a model of information seeking on the WWW is derived and then tested in a second study.

In the second experiment two types of potentially relevant types of knowledge are compared directly.

Healthy Habits, Happy Homes: randomized trial to improve household routines for obesity prevention among preschool-aged children.

Increased portion sizes from energy-dense foods affect total energy intake at eating occasions in US children and adolescents: patterns and trends by age group and sociodemographic characteristics, 1977-2006.

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