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In this example, we’ll use the ‘Other RTMP Encoder’ tab. These will be your login and password, which you saw under step 2 of this guide.Enter this information into the app and click SAVE.My intent has always been to provide a free tool for anyone with basic hardware to practice animation.I'll never say never but even if I released a "for pay" version of Monkey Jam, I will always keep a free version available that is complete enough to serve as a classroom and learning tool.By submitting this form, you agree to the Cookie and Privacy policy of XXXX's website.

You can take your captured images and color them in a photo editing program like Photoshop, Photo Paint or Gimp for windows.So for these cameras, please just use their original cables to connect to Cam Fi.Putting the Cam Fi on the hot shoe is just for fixation, it is not necessary to always be on the hot shoe.Add that number to the 500 millionth i Phone sold last March. People use their i Phones for everything – talking, taking pictures, listening to music, watching movies, setting their alarm clock, tracking their daily steps. Sometimes you might need to broadcast live on the go.You might be on location in a protest or a sports game.

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